At Veeyor Polymers, we offer a wide variety of potting and encapsulation as well as laminating compounds used in various industries. We currently offer epoxy and polyurethane compounds used in electrical and electronic applications. Some of the common applications include the potting of transformers, coil windings, capacitors, PCB components and filters. In addition, we offer products with flame retardant capabilities and are in the process of developing products of very high temperature resistance. Some of our products are enlisted below. If you have specific question regarding your specific application, please contact us using the application tab and we will be glad to service your needs through our team of engineers and scientists.


We offer the following epoxy options for potting and encapsulation

  • General-purpose cold curing systems for all your needs in the electrical and electronic industries. We have a multitude of products in this area differing based on the specific application area, required potlife, hardness and electrical as well as mechanical properties. Our general-purpose cold curing systems
  • Hot curing systems are offered for high temperature endurance and superior electrical as well as mechanical properties where required in the area of high voltage application. Our hot curing systems are typically used by transformer, insulators, bushings and fiber glass composite manufacturers.
  • UV resistant system for out door applications of transformers and other electrical components. We offer hot curing and cold curing systems depending on a particular target area and application adaptability of our customers


We offer the following urethane options for potting and encapsulation

  • General-purpose cold curing polyurethane systems used mainly for potting and adhesive applications. Polyurethane systems offer superior flexibility and crack resistance and are made from renewable raw materials making it less harmful for our end users. It is ideal for low voltage applications, where superior adhesion is required at a cheap cost
  • High mechanical strength and electrical resistance cold curing systems offered by us are mainly used for transformer potting applications. Fast setting times ensures high throughput
  • Low viscosity cold curing polyurethanes systems offered by us can be used with automatic dispensing equipment where, a non abrasive system is required for low maintenance of the dispensing equipment


The below target areas are being developed as part of our ongoing product development cycle in target areas identified for scope expansion. If you have a specific need, kindly feel free to reach out to us through our application tab.

  • We are currently in the process of developing very temperature resistant systems for potting and encapsulation. These products can withstand temperature of over 250°C with very little electrical leakage, cracking and mechanical breakdown
  • Bromine and halogen free flame -retardant potting and encapsulating compounds
  • Silicone potting and encapsulating compounds with superior flame retardant and temperature resistance of over 200°C

Work Scope

  •   Research and Development of unique formulations to suit application

  •   Work with customers to understand the product through testing of casted material

  •   Provide solutions to consumer related queries and concerns

  •   Provide supporting documentation

  •   Meet customer's demand and ensure consistent supply

  •   Provide competitive pricing in spite of the fluctuating economy


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